Your next employee is Joomla! expert, Nathan Gifford. He started DirectTech Web Solutions in 2006 and worked exclusively in Joomla! for all website projects. Not long into the life of the business, DTH Development was launched for the purpose of making available a couple of new custom Joomla! components... DT Register and DT Donate. The extensions from DTH quickly became popular and became the forefront of the DirectTech business. Then in 2013, DTH was purchased by another software company. About 6 months later, Nathan was brought back into the mix to work with DTH again as the Chief Software Architect.

Now in 2018, DTH has been acquired by JoomlArt, which is an exciting event of the two companies joining forces! However, Nathan is no longer part of the DTH team. This brings both good news and bad news...

The bad news is for those DTH clients that have worked with Nathan for many years (some for more than 10 years) have lost that familiar connection. The good news is that those DTH clients still have an opportunity to work with Nathan... but not just for DT extensions. They can pull him in on any aspect of their Joomla! site! Plus, Nathan now has more time and flexibility to be able to work with ANY new Joomla! website clients!

Being buried in the world of Joomla! for over 12 years now, Nathan brings a huge amount of expertise and experience to the table. Now you can bring that into your team and have your own Joomla! expert on hand to take care of anything you need for your website... allowing you to just focus on running your business.


"Our business is reliant on the Joomla platform as it is integrated into so many business processes. Despite being that deeply integrated we didn't have a justification to hire a full-time employee to keep up with Joomla updates and testing extensions. The updates and testing take about one man day per month and the right answer for us was Joomla Employee."

CIO, Arpeggio Software

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